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    Treatment of dental caries in DentalKnysh dentistry

    Caries is a complex pathological process that occurs in the hard tissues of the teeth and develops under the influence of adverse external and internal factors. It is accompanied by demineralization, the formation of a carious cavity and the gradual destruction of the hard tissues of the tooth. If there is no timely treatment, complications are possible – inflammation of the gums and roots, as well as complete destruction of the tooth.

    It is important to emphasise that the initial stage of caries can only be recognized by a dentist. Therefore, we are waiting you for a consultation at the DentalKnysh dentisty, where you can check your teeth for caries and keep them healthy.

    We treat caries of varying complexity. The degree of tooth damage is:

    Methods and duration of dental caries treatment

    After diagnosis, dissection,removal of carious areas of the tooth, is performed. This operation is the most important stage of caries treatment, Stopping the carious process in the tooth and the service life of the filling depend on the accuracy of its implementation.

    After dissection, the tooth is immediately restored with the help of mordant, bond system and photopolymer filling material Saremco (Switzerland) or 3M (USA).

    The approach to the treatment of caries will depend on the depth of damage to the hard tissues of the tooth.

    Caries prevention is the key to healthy teeth

    Caries prevention should be carried out in the following areas:

    We are waiting for you for a consultation at the Dentalknysh dental clinic.

    Cost of Treatment of dental caries services

    The serviceThe price
    Consultation of the dentist200 UAH
    Superficial anesthesia (spray, gel)30 UAH
    Injection anesthesia (carpal)70 UAH
    Nerve block anesthesia100 UAH
    Temporary filling50 UAH
    Filling from glass ionomer cement (surface caries)300 UAH
    Filling from glass ionomer cement (medium and deep dental caries) 400 UAH
    Photopolymer filling (surface caries)450 UAH
    Photopolymer filling (medium and deep dental caries) 550-650 UAH
    Tooth restoration ½ (frontal area) with photopolymer650 UAH
    Tooth restoration ½ (molars) with photopolymer650 UAH
    Tooth restoration 2/3 (frontal area) with photopolymer700 UAH
    Tooth restoration 2/3 (molars) with photopolymer700 UAH
    Aesthetic restoration of 1 tooth900-1200 UAH
    Calcium pulp cap50 UAH
    Glass ionomer pulp cap60 UAH
    Pin, anchor250 UAH
    Filling extraction40 UAH

    Our team

    Ihor Knysh

    Chief dentist. Specializes in surgical and orthopedic dentistry (dental implantation, prosthetics).

    Also deals with endodontics (dental canal treatment).

    More than 30 years of experience.

    Ihor Knysh

    Dentist. He specializes in surgical dentistry (dental implantation, wisdom teeth removal, resection of root apex, etc.), orthopedic dentistry (veneers / ceramic crowns, prosthetics), and is also engaged in composite restorations and teeth whitening. More than 6 years of experience.

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