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    Alignment of teeth with eligners

    Eligners are a special set of simulated transparent highly aesthetic caps, for the situation of a specific patient. They move the teeth in small segments from their original position to the more correct one.

    Eligners are worn on the dentition, and they are not fixed by any additional material. It is also interesting that the doctor and the patient have the opportunity to see a computer model of all the stages of displacement of the teeth of a particular patient and the type of the final stage of treatment.

    It is also worth to mention that the patient can stay away from his doctor during the entire treatment, appear for follow-up examinations if it is possible.

    Advantages of eligners:

    Stages and duration of correction of occlusion with transparent caps

    Photos before and after treatment with eligners

    Фото до і після лікування элайнерами
    Фото до і після лікування элайнерами
    Фото до і після лікування элайнерами

    The cost of occlusion correction with eligners service

    The serviceThe price
    Consultation with an orthodontist200 UAH
    Maximus eligners (transparent caps for teeth alignment)1 300 UAH
    Orto life eligners (transparent caps for teeth alignment)1 600 UAH

    Our team

    Ihor Knysh

    Chief dentist. Specializes in surgical and orthopedic dentistry (dental implantation, prosthetics).

    Also deals with endodontics (dental canal treatment).

    More than 30 years of experience.

    Ihor Knysh

    Dentist. He specializes in surgical dentistry (dental implantation, wisdom teeth removal, resection of root apex, etc.), orthopedic dentistry (veneers / ceramic crowns, prosthetics), and is also engaged in composite restorations and teeth whitening. More than 6 years of experience.

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