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    Dental implantation in DentalKnysh

    Dental implant surgery involves the implants setup in place of a missing tooth. The implant is a titanium screw that is implanted in the jaw bone and replaces the root of the tooth when it fails. The dental crown is fixed on the implants, thereby restoring the visible part of the tooth.

    Nowadays, this method of restoring missing teeth is considered the most perfect one as it completely restores the functionality of the tooth and will not affect the adjacent teeth.

    After the implant placing in DentalKnysh dentistry, you will not only be happy to smile beautifully, but also chew with taste.

    In our work we use tried-and-tested implants: R1 (Germany / Israel), ImplantSwiss (Switzerland), Alfa Dent (Germany) and Straumann (Switzerland, Premium). And for the stage of prosthetics high-quality crowns made of cermets, ceramics and zirconium.

    R1, Germany / Israel

    ImplantSwiss, Switzerland​

    Alfa Dent, Germany

    Straumann, Switzerland​

    Stages and duration of dental implantation

    The stages of implantation and subsequent prosthetics of teeth are described in detail below.

    The number, sequence, and duration of procedures in each case are individual.

    Stage I - Surgical

    After a comprehensive consultation, treatment plan and preparation of the oral cavity, the implant is installed. Under the action of a local anesthetic, a titanium implant is integrated into the jaw bone.

    The whole procedure takes from 1 to 3 hours depending on the number of implants and complexity.

    Stage II - Surgical

    In 2-5 months after the first stage, after complete and reliable engraftment of the dental implant (or implants), a special element (gum shaper) is installed.

    The procedure takes from 30 minutes and is necessary for the formation of the correct contour of the gums during prosthetics.

    Stage III - Orthopedic

    In 7-10 days after the second stage the abutment and a crown are established. We use ceramic, metal-ceramic, and also zirconium crowns. The crown is perfectly combined with the dentition, and the material has high strength and durability.

    Care recommendations

    All care for new implanted teeth is to comply with oral hygiene, namely:

    We want to wish you timely and careful care of your teeth and smile more often! And we are always happy to help you with this!

    Implantation of teeth - photo and video

    Імплантація зубів - результат лікування
    Імплантація зубів - результат лікування

    Service cost

    The serviceThe price
    R1 Implant , Germany / Israel
    The first surgical stage (implant)350 euros
    Abutment70 euros
    Metal-ceramic crown95 euros
    Ceramic crown225 euros
    Zirconium crown225 euros
    Implantswiss Implant, Switzerland
    The first surgical stage (implant)430 euros
    Abutment100 euros
    Metal-ceramic crown95 euros
    Ceramic crown225 euros
    Zirconium crown225 euros
    Alfa Dent implant, Germany
    The first surgical stage (conical implant)370 euros
    The first surgical stage (Alfadent Active Bio implant)430 euros
    Abutment110 euros
    Metal-ceramic crown95 euros
    Ceramic crown225 euros
    Zirconium crown225 euros
    Straumann implant, Switzerland​
    The first surgical stage (implant)530 euros
    Abutment110 euros
    Metal-ceramic crown95 euros
    Ceramic crown225 euros
    Zirconium crown225 euros
    Alveolar ridge plastic reconstruction220 euros
    Sinus lifting (raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus) 900 euros
    Sinus lifting (closed method)220 euros
    Temporary implant100 euros
    Microimplant120 euros

    Our team

    Ihor Knysh

    Chief dentist. Specializes in surgical and orthopedic dentistry (dental implantation, prosthetics).

    Also deals with endodontics (dental canal treatment).

    More than 30 years of experience.

    Ihor Knysh

    Dentist. He specializes in surgical dentistry (dental implantation, wisdom teeth removal, resection of root apex, etc.), orthopedic dentistry (veneers / ceramic crowns, prosthetics), and is also engaged in composite restorations and teeth whitening. More than 6 years of experience.

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