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    Aesthetic restoration of teeth with veneers in DentalKnysh dentistry

    Veneers are ceramic shells, which are 0.3-0.5 mm thick, that are installed on the front side of the teeth with the help of special dental cement. With their help, you can adjust the shape and colour of the tooth, the position in the dentition and other defects. The effect of a beautiful snow-white smile is achieved. The tooth restored through veneer does not differ from others, and also has additional durability.

    At the aesthetic restoration of teeth we use the best option for today – ceramic veneers. They have a long service life of up to 20 years (unlike composite veneers which serve for 3-5 years) and, unlike luminaires, don`t tend to chipping.

    Stages and duration

    Ceramic indirect veneers are considered microprostheses. They are made on the impressions of teeth and require a two-stage installation. First, the enamel is prepared from the front of the tooth and temporary veneers are attached. Then, when the permanent veneers are ready, the temporary veneers are removed and permanent ones are installed in their place.

    Stage I - Preparation

    At the first visit, the doctor determines the possibility of installing veneers. Under the action of a local anesthetic, teeth are prepared for veneers. This is followed by the removal of dental impressions and the installation of temporary veneers.

    Stage II - Production of veneers

    Ceramic veneers are made by a dental technician in the laboratory on previously taken dental impressions. The term of this stage is usually 7 days (up to 2 weeks, when a large number). Veneers are installed to restore the shape, aesthetics and eliminate gaps between the teeth, so it can be installed both 2 and 14 per a jaw.

    Stage III - Installation of veneers

    Temporary veneers are removed, fitting of permanent ones is carried out. Next, the installation of permanent veneers on a special dental glue, which prevents caries in the covered teeth under the veneers.

    Photos of installed veneers

    Cost for the service "Teeth restoration with veneers"

    The serviceThe price
    Ceramic veneer240 euros
    Ceramic veneer (art work)310 euros
    Fixation of a ceramic veneer180 UAH

    Our team

    Ihor Knysh

    Chief dentist. Specializes in surgical and orthopedic dentistry (dental implantation, prosthetics).

    Also deals with endodontics (dental canal treatment).

    More than 30 years of experience.

    Ihor Knysh

    Dentist. He specializes in surgical dentistry (dental implantation, wisdom teeth removal, resection of root apex, etc.), orthopedic dentistry (veneers / ceramic crowns, prosthetics), and is also engaged in composite restorations and teeth whitening. More than 6 years of experience.

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