Correction of tooth position and occlusion in DentalKnysh dentistry

Alignment of teeth and correction of occlusion in the dental clinic DentalKnysh is using the most effective techniques, with the help of eliners (transparent caps) and braces, plates and devices are used in work with children.

After examination and diagnosis, an orthodontist will offer a treatment option that will be most effective in your case. Also, during the consultation, an assessment of time and cost will be conducted.

Cost of Orthodontics services 

The serviceThe price
Consultation of the orthodontist200 UAH
Dental braces, 1 jaw:
Metal12000 UAH
Self-ligating metal 14000 UAH
Ceramic 16000 UAH
Ceramic bracket system (3M of the highest quality)21000 UAH
Canon braces, 1 jaw13000 UAH
Maximus eligners (transparent caps for for teeth alignment)1800 UAH
Retainer1300 UAH
Creating an interdental space for the implant4000 UAH
The orthodontic microimplant2400 UAH
Replacement of metal arch with coating700 UAH
Replacement of metal arch without coating550 UAH
Replacement of ligatures100 UAH
Replacement of an elastic chain 150 UAH
Intermuscular traction100 UAH
Bracket button300 UAH
Symmetrically expanding plate (plate with elements)2300 UAH
Hass appliance5500 UAH
Hyrex appliance6000 UAH
Child trainer3000 UAH
Face mask 3300 UAH
Forcus appliance10000 UAH
TwinBlock6000 UAH
Diagnostic700 UAH
Retentional guard1300 UAH
Correction of the tooth row1000 UAH
Orthodontic attachment150 UAH
Separation300 UAH
Fixation of separation rings90 UAH
Dental braces extraction (1 jaw)500 UAH


Our team

We have a team of 6 specialists, including dentist-surgeon, dentist-orthopedist, dentist-therapist (works with both adults and children), dentist-orthodontist, dentist-gnathologist and cosmetologist.

“We take care of the health of our teeth and create beautiful smiles”

Chief dentist Knysh I.


What our patients say

Very pleased with DentalKnysh dentistry. They distinguished all their wisdom teeth there, as well as carried out professional hygiene and treatment of teeth. Everything is at the highest level. I recommend!)))

Oksana Oliynuchok


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