Therapeutic dentistry

Therapeutic dentistry can take a stand against the dental ivory damage( non-carious and carious damages),a treatment of gum diseases and dental canals.

This is the basis for further stages of treatment. Implantation, orthopedic or orthodontic treatment is impossible without a competent therapeutic treatment. The quality of center of infection sanitation in the oral cavity significantly affects the outcome of treatment and the health of your body altogether.

Терапевтична стоматологія

Cost of services in the field of "Therapeutic dentistry"

The serviceThe price
Consultation of the dentist200 UAH
Superficial anesthesia (spray, gel)30 UAH
Injection anesthesia (carpal)70 UAH
Nerve block anesthesia100 UAH
Temporary filling50 UAH
Photopolymer filling (surface caries)550 UAH
Photopolymer filling(medium and deep dental caries)600-750 UAH
Tooth restoration ½ (frontal area) with photopolymer800 UAH
Tooth restoration ½ (molars) with photopolymer800 UAH
Tooth restoration 2/3 (frontal area) with photopolymer900 UAH
Tooth restoration 2/3 (molars) with photopolymer900 UAH
Aesthetic restoration of 1 tooth900-1500 UAH
Calcium pulp cap50 UAH
Glass ionomer pulp cap60 UAH
Pin, anchor250 UAH
Filling extraction40 UAH
Unfilling of one root canal of a tooth220 UAH
Anchor extraction280 UAH
Removal of a foreign body from the canal350 UAH
Inner roots treatment of one canal60 UAH
Drug treatment of one canal60 UAH
Lateral condensation of the root canals of a single-rooted tooth450 UAH
Lateral condensation of one canal of a multi-rooted tooth350 UAH
Complicated unfilling of one canal450 UAH
Complicated removal of a foreign body from the canal550 UAH
Using Biodentine in the treatment process120 UAH

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