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Bracket systems for correcting tooth occlusion

The bracket system is an orthodontic structure designed to correct the position of the teeth and the occlusion in general. It consists of several basic elements: a lock (bracket), an archwire, a ligature (fastening of an arch to a lock), each of which has the role and function in the course of treatment.

The bracket system works on the principle of traction. A bracket is glued to each tooth, in which the archwire is fixed. Arcs are made of a special metal that has a “memory” and takes a given shape. Gradually, the archwire begins to press on the tooth, using the “memory” of the material. The force of pressure depends on the thickness of the archwire. Treatment always starts with the thinnest arcs and gradually increases the force of pressure.

The problems that braces treatment solves:

Orthodontic treatment with braces is often a preparatory step before prosthetics, implants, and part of aesthetic treatment before veneers.

It is important to say that due to the irregularity of the teeth and violations of the dentition, the teeth are difficult to hygienic procedures, more at risk of early caries and periodontitis, and can cause additional stress on the maxillofacial muscles when chewing, which in turn leads to the main pain, temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), pain in the neck, shoulder joint and back. Tooth bumps and dentition disorders can also negatively affect your appearance.

Types of bracket system

To correct the position of the teeth and occlusion in the dental clinic DentalKnysh uses the following types of braces:

Metal bracket system (ligating, self-ligating and Canon system which difference is that it can be fixed with two arcs at once, it is easy to close the gaps. This system also works in the case of a gingival smile). The duration of treatment using this type of bracket system is on average 2 years. These braces can be used in all cases of complexity.

Ceramic bracket system (ligature and self-ligature) can be used, as well as metal, in almost all cases. However, the duration of treatment will increase by 2-4 months (this is due to the fact that the friction in the ceramic bracket is worse than in the metal).

The most effective and most convenient for the doctor are metal braces.

Braces are further divided into vestibular (attached to the outer surface of the teeth) and lingual (attached to the inner part of the teeth).

To solve the problems of children dentition inequality, we use:

The patient should visit the doctor at the beginning of treatment with the ligature system every month. With self-ligature – once every 1.5 months.

However, at some stage the orthodontist visit does not depend on the type of braces and can range from 2 weeks to 1 month.

To remove or not to remove teeth in any case does not depend on the bracket system, it depends on the clinical situation.

After removal of the bracket system follows the final retention period of treatment, in which with the help of special devices (removable or non-removable retainer) is the consolidation of the results – keeping the teeth in an anatomically correct position.

The result of orthodontic treatment with braces at the DentalKnysh clinic will be a beautiful smile with healthy straight teeth.

Prices for the service "Correction of occlusion with braces"

The serviceThe price
Consultation of the orthodontist200 UAH
Dental braces, 1 jaw:
Metal12000 UAH
Self-ligating metal 1400 UAH
Ceramic 16000 UAH
Ceramic (the hightest quality)21000 UAH
Canon braces, 1 jaw13000 UAH
Retainer1500 UAH
Creating an interdental space for the implant4000 UAH
The orthodontic microimplant2400 UAH
Replacement of metal arch with coating700 UAH
Replacement of metal arch without coating550 UAH
Replacement of ligatures100 UAH
Replacement of an elastic chain 150 UAH
Intermuscular traction100 UAH
Symmetrically expanding plate (plate with elements)2300 UAH
Bracket button300 UAH
Hass appliance5500 UAH
Hyrex appliance6000 UAH
Child trainer3000 UAH
Face mask 3300 UAH
Forcus appliance10000 UAH
TwinBlock6000 UAH
Diagnostic700 UAH
Retentional guard1300 UAH
Correction of the tooth row1000 UAH
Orthodontic attachment150 UAH
Separation300 UAH
Fixation of separation rings90 UAH
Dental braces extraction (1 jaw)500 UAH

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Ihor Knysh

Chief dentist. Specializes in surgical and orthopedic dentistry (dental implantation, prosthetics).

Also deals with endodontics (dental canal treatment).

More than 30 years of experience.


Ihor Knysh

Dentist. He specializes in surgical dentistry (dental implantation, wisdom teeth removal, resection of root apex, etc.), orthopedic dentistry (veneers / ceramic crowns, prosthetics), and is also engaged in composite restorations and teeth whitening. More than 6 years of experience.

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